Conrad C. Vaughn



By Ray Galuzny
April 30, 2009

Conrad C. Vaughn, R.Ph.

Conrad Vaughn, son of Arthur and Ruth Vaughn was born in Pittsburgh in 1932. He was the third of 4 children (2 older brothers (both deceased) and a younger sister – Nancy Harbaugh of the sports Harbaugh family of Crestline and NFL fame). His family moved to Crestline in 1939 where Conrad attended Crestline High School. Graduating in 1950, he then began his college career starting Pharmacy school at University of Pittsburgh and as he will tell you “once a Pittsburgher, always a Pittsburgher.” Conrad had his first intern position at Gray Drug on Fourth and Main Street in Mansfield. He married his high school sweetheart (Kathy) in 1952 they lived in Pittsburgh for 3 years where he interned at various University Hospitals, graduating in 1955 with a class of about 40 from the University of Pittsburgh, College of Pharmacy. He began his professional working career starting at Quay’s in Galion, Ohio. In 1955, Conrad was drafted and while serving in the Navy from 1955 to 1957, he was assigned to a naval air station in Memphis in the dispensary where he not only worked in the pharmacy but also in x-ray and laboratory departments. He returned to Quay’s in 1957 after serving our country to resume his professional career. In 1959, he started at Seemann Drug in Galion. Harold Seemann was looking for an individual to purchase his business when he would retire and Conrad had a personal ambition of operating his own business in the future. He started his partnership with Harold Seemann in 1960 after having worked together for a year through an agreement to verify their working compatibility. When Harold Seemann retired in 1963, Conrad purchased the balance of the business and renamed it “Vaughn’s Pharmacy”. Even as owner of his own pharmacy business, Conrad worked 7am to 9am at the hospital in Galion and then 9am to 9pm in his own store allowing Sunday as his day for family activities. His business experienced 4 break-ins and two armed robberies, one of which he was present where five shots fired, but fortunately no one was hurt and another where the robber was apprehended. Some of the pharmacists that assisted Conrad in his business over the years where: Sue Blackford, T.J. McNew, Bob Crocetti (cousin of Deano Crocetti Martin), Mary Lou Richards and Harold Seemann. He operated the Vaughn’s Pharmacy Drug Store business for a total 32 years until 1995 when he sold it to Rite Aid. After relinquishing his business, Mr. Vaughn continued his pharmacy career working for CVS/Pharmacy and then numerous pharmacies as a “PRN” pharmacist including working at a mail order facility (sitting next to a conveyor belt and checking prescriptions as they went by). In addition, Conrad prestigiously served for 5 years as Program Director and Professor of the Pharmacy Technician Program at North Central Ohio Technical College. He has recently worked for Hursh Drug and is currently employed by Wellspring Custom Pharmacy, both of Mansfield. He has been and continues to be a long time member of the North Central Ohio Pharmaceutical Association. Conrad, now at age 77 and in his 53rd year as an Ohio Registered Pharmacist, to the best of my knowledge is the “oldest practicing pharmacist” in North Central Ohio.

Conrad was married for 52 years to that high school sweetheart, Kathy until her passing in 2005. Together they were proud parents of four children. The family grew and Conrad now has 5 grandchildren and 6 great-grandchildren. In 2006 he remarried to one of Kathy’s best friends, Nita and the family has only grown even more. In addition to pharmacy, Conrad was a member of the Galion Board of Education, Polk Township Zoning Board and the Community Christian Church of Galion. For several years, Kathy and Conrad had a clothing ministry (pipeline) that sent clothing to Haiti, Ukraine, homeless individuals in Columbus, Ohio and various disaster locations. Together they made 4 missionary trips to Haiti and proudly sponsored 5 youths there.

For relaxation, Conrad enjoyed their numerous ski trips to Michigan, New York, Aspen, Utah, Japan and several places in the Alps. He has traveled to many of our states, enjoyed a cruise to the Bahamas as well as his travels to England, the Holy Land and several European countries. He also enjoys the planting and maintaining of some beautiful flowers at his home. His prize plant is a Crape Myrtle, a southern bush/tree that he planted as a memorial tree for Kathy, his wife of 52 years.

The North Central Ohio Pharmacists are proud to have a colleague that has contributed to the progress of pharmacy, the health and welfare of the citizens of his community and has served his profession for more than half a century. Conrad was awarded a certificate of appreciation from the Ohio State Board of Pharmacy in 2005 in regards to his 50th year of continued dedication to the practice of pharmacy. We extend our congratulations and best wishes to him for many more years of success, health and happiness.